A war on masculinity

The world today is a especially weird from a borderline's prospective. I mean here we are coming out of childhood, with all the abuse that we had to deal with, into adulthood just to be faced with the current social political situation of our time.

It is almost as if someone has made our mental disorder possible just so that we end up being unfit for the current world. Almost as if all of this was perfectly planned out. I don't believe in conspiracy theory, But I do believe in words and the people that speak them;

After spending countless hours online watching videos on social justice and feminism, hearing both sides of the debate, it has become crystal clear who are the friends and enemies of borderline and borderline surviving people. As a borderline surviving men, I had to struggle my entire childhood with an abusive aunt that has literally made it impossible for me to have normal casual relationship with another human being, this has resulted in much isolation and soul searching that I am still struggling with inside. Unfortunately though outside forces as well , that are collectively trying to destroy certain traits of manliness as If our abusive parents hadn't given it the best try during childhood. trying to beat manhood out of the child.

The good news is that awareness of these issues is an incredibly protective shield. As it turns out the more they try to make us feel inadequate about ourselves the aware borderline will only giggle and laugh at the pathetic attempt. Also challenges such as BPD do not hurt masculinity, as the most important trait of masculinity is the ability to overcome said challenges, they only reinforce it, And as a final result the abusive side ends up being even more insecure than it was before the abuse was done.

When the winds have turned and the truth is finally revealed for all to see, Good will always triumph over evil.


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