Weathering the Storm of the Pandemic — Are We Really in the Same Boat? #rwanda #RwOT #FGO5周年

So, a friend and I were talking about the phrase “we’re all in the same boat,” and how these days, with all the challenges we’re facing, it’s not really a valid statement. Yes, we’re all in the same storm, but we are definitely not in the same boat! 

While some people are lounging around, drinking Mai Tai’s around the swimming pool in their backyard, others are scrambling to pay bills and put food on the table. And then there are others who either they or a family member are actually fighting the virus themselves. Then there are those who are on the front lines, putting themselves in harms way, facing the threat head on. 

Yet everyone has the coronavirus staring them in the face, threatening their very lives. So each person has different challenges they are facing every day, some big, some small. And we are all in that same storm.

This conversation is what inspired this poem — the connection between different boats in a storm, and our different lives facing coronavirus.

 * * *

I’m out on my boat, on the ocean
The waves are a little restless, rocking the boat here … and there
And now and then waves toss themselves over the edge of my boat
Getting my feet wet – but I’m not worried, it’ll soon pass
Life has its ups and downs – doesn’t it?
Today’s problems are manageable – aren’t they?

But out of nowhere comes these dark, black clouds
The ocean darkens, the waves are more uneven – and get higher
My boat is sturdy enough, and it’ll hold all of us – won’t it?
What’s that? People are sick? Why?
But we don’t need to worry about it, we’ll be ok
My sister has a cough – ahh, nothing to worry about!
This happens with allergies – right? But she’s not looking so great now

Those waves are getting pretty high and my boat is rocking more
Oh, no! Look at the people over there!
Their boat got turned over by that big wave
Hey, isn’t that the guy who’s the cook at our favorite restaurant?
Well, I guess we won’t be enjoying eating there anytime soon!
Wow, it looks like his wife and kids are struggling!

The wind is blowing stronger and my sails are tearing a little
That huge yacht is wobbling an awful lot – oh no, the mast suddenly breaks in two!
I’ll bet money grows on their trees! They’ll be ok
Uh oh, their little girl is in the water waving her arms
And then she is gone – and their teenage boy too
I wish there was something I could’ve done – so sad

This is crazy! There’s this little dinghy – why are they out here?
This water’s way too rough for that little boat
One wave comes, and they’re all gone!
Hey hon, wasn’t that the lady who does your hair?
Man, what a loss – now you’ll have to find someone else
Too bad – she did your hair pretty good

Wow! Further out there is a group of nice sailboats
They’ve pulled down their sails, and they keep stopping – I wonder why?
They stop again, and people are getting into their boats
They’re going to load it too heavy – they better watch out!
And as they glide by, their boats are filled to the brim with happy, smiling faces
I see doctors, nurses, police men, firemen, teachers, therapists
Grocery store workers, delivery men, mailmen, even garbage men and janitors!

These boats look sturdy, flexible, and made to withstand a lot
Not only that, but they hold more people than I ever expected!
And every person has proud, beaming smiles on their faces
Because they have done their job valiantly – anyways
Setting aside their anxieties and fears
Even when it’s put them and their families at risk

Have you thanked any of these people as you go about your day?
Because each and every one of them has risked their life for me and for you!
They reach out and do their job and care for us and keep us safe and help us heal
And along with the researchers and scientists
Work to find a cure for this horrible disease
Coronavirus, COVID-19

All hands on deck, shake a leg, batten down the hatches
Set your sails, hoist that jib, get underway, give a wide berth
Make sure you’re ship shape and Bristol fashion
We’re between the devil and the deep blue seas
Whistle for the wind
And wash your hands, wear your mask, cough in your sleeve
Keep your social distance, stay home if you can
We are all susceptible
No one is invincible!


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